A Math Book That Reads Like a Novel

I think of my comic as a math book for kids who like to read. It has all the elements of a novel–

Characters with strengths and weaknesses
A quest
A super hero

Like any good quest, the characters find more than they bargained for. They learn about themselves and each other; they develop strength from bravely confronting obstacles, and come home again more confident to take on whatever life holds for them.


Why does a novel about learning the times tables need jokes? On a quest, everyone needs a little comic relief. Spot’s jokes, mostly about math and animals, bring some lightness to what might seem a heavy subject. They offer a chance to relax a little, to take a breath, to regroup, before heading back into the fray.

I’m also an English teacher. Makes sense that any math book I wrote would look like a novel!

love to hear your ideas or experiences!

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