Literacy Enquirer: Bring Back Copian


(NOTE: the links, names of ministers and Prime Ministers, government departments, etc. are all out of date and no longer work. Alas, the protests about the loss of Copian were fruitless.  However, the holdings of its sizeable library are now being held by the CDEACF and may be downloaded there. May 2020)

In the midst of my despair at the closing of Copian, I was glad to find this post from the Literacy Enquirer: Bring Back Copian. Tracy Defoe gives some great strategies for working to get funding restored. I especially like her idea of showing the demand for Copian material by asking OLES (Office of literacy and Essential Skills) for what we need, all day, everyday. I’ll use the online form she suggests, and I’ll tweet my requests to @SocDevSoc and @kenneyjason as well, using the hashtag #BringbackCopian.

Here are Tracy’s suggestions. Pick some you can have fun with, and can keep up over the long haul!

M. Elisabeth Barot,
Education Programme Officer,
The Canadian Commission for UNESCO
Office of Literacy and Essential Skills
Employment and Social Development Canada
140 Promenade du Portage, Phase IV
Mailstop 515
Gatineau QC
K1A 0J9
They won’t know we miss it if they don’t hear that we are looking for resources and publications. – Tracy Defoe.

Get the full text of Tracy’s post here.

5 thoughts on “Literacy Enquirer: Bring Back Copian

  1. Brilliant, Kate!! All the information right there. May we see the return of Copian and and the light.


    Arleen xox

    • Just asked for your brilliant MA thesis in a tweet:
      @Kate Nonesuch ‏ 22s
      @SocDevSoc @kenneyjason Help! I Need “Attending to Resistance” by A. Pare. Used to be at NALD. #BringBackCopian #cdnpoli

  2. Very important topic! I will ask our social media person to post and forward this Kate. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Thanks for getting involved, Mira. I’m thinking we could all flood @SocDevSoc and @kenneyjason with the names of resources we use and love, so they know how much we need the resources at Copian. And I’ll use the hashtag #BringBackCopian so everyone can be in on it.

love to hear your ideas or experiences!

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